Outreach – Service à la cité

My research is funded by the public, through Geneva’s Département de l’Instruction Public (DIP) and through grants that I have been awarded by the Swiss National Research Foundation (SNSF) and the European Research Commission (ERC). I strongly think that my work is in the interest and of interest to the general public. Hence, I am involved in different outreach activities, at various levels. First, all of my scientific papers are available for free for all to peruse on the ArXiv website.


I am the coordinator of the Athena program at the university of Geneva. This program is targeted at high school students, with the goal to help them discover what physics and maths studies are.

Wright Foundation

The Foundation Wright aims at developing a greater understanding of science in the region of Geneva and internationally, through the funding of projects in scientific outreach. I am a member of the scientific committee, whose role is to assess and rank the projects seeking funding.

SNSF Postdoc.Mobility committee

Postdoc.Mobility fellowships funds research stays abroad to enable researchers to acquire more knowledge, increase their scientific independence and enhance their research profile, in the view of returning to Switzerland with an increased experience. As a member of the committee, I evaluate proposals and participate in the selection of the final awardees.

Conseil participatif

I am a member of the conseil participatif of the Sciences Faculty at the University of Geneva. It is composed of the representatives of the professors, students and research staff. This council has a number of tasks related to the functioning of the faculty.

SPS award committee

The Swiss Physical Society (SPS) awards every year outstanding achievements in physics with prizes. As a member of the SPS award committee, I evaluate the applications and participate in the selection of the awardees.

Youtube channel

On my YouTube channel Cosmic Blueshift, I put my research in context and use some of my recent scientific results to explain to the public the ins and outs of modern cosmology.