The line correlation

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    The code is written is C. It calculates the line correlation using the analytical expression developed in Wolstenhulme, Bonvin and Obreschkow (2014).

    You need a C compiler, e.g. gcc, as well as the scientific library gsl and the library libconfig.

    The cosmological parameters are defined in the file params.cfg. As input files you need the matter power spectrum, which can be computed for example with CAMB. For a calculation at lowest order in perturbation theory (do_kernel=0) you need only the linear power spectrum at redshift z=0 (default: PkL.dat). For a calculation using the fitted kernel of Gil-Marin et al. (do_kernel=1) you need the linear power spectrum at z=0 and the non-linear power spectrum at the redshift of interest (default: PkNLz0.5.dat). Input and output file names can be edited in params.cfg.

    • To install: untar the file (tar -xf corrphase.tar).  All files will be extracted to a directory called “corrphase”
    • To compile: gcc -lgsl -lconfig -o corrphase.out corrphase.c (with some compilers add -lgslcblas and -lm)
    • To run: ./corrphase.out params.cfg (add option v (verbose) for more comments)

    See README for more details.

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